Mar 5, 2010

Review: Pizza Hut - Pepperoni Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut's Pan Pizza is the signature dish for the world's largest pizza chain.  It features a thick-crust pizza cooked in a metal tin which gives it a crispy, greasy shell.  I got a $5.99 Large Pepperoni Pan Pizza as a carryout special because the sister-in-law was feeling nostalgic and hadn't eaten it in a long time.  Though, under the current big promotion, you can get any size, any toppings, any crust pizza for $10.

It didn't feel very large.  Interestingly, the box makes the pizza look even smaller.  There wasn't much cheese or sauce.  The sauce is a little sweet, a little tart, but not very flavorful overall.  The pepperoni was standard.

Mostly, the pepperoni pizza was just a lot of fried bread.  The overriding characteristic of the Pizza Hut Pan Pizza is the oily, crispness of the crust.  I'd hazard to say that bottom of the pizza might even be greasier than the top.  Be sure to grab a lot of napkins for this one.

Pizza Hut's Pan Pizza is probably my least pizza crust favorite crust because it tastes like oily fried bread.

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  1. ugh, no thanks to pizza hut's oil fried crusts

  2. 5 out of 5 stars for 5$ 3 out 5 stars for Taste, 4 out of 5 stars when you're really hungry..but its NOTHING compared to Chicago Style Pizza!!

  3. Pan pizza sits in a metal pan full of oil all night then in the morning it gets "proofed" which means it expands from a thin frozen dough disk and fills the pan. This dough is greasy and disgusting I'd take HandTossed dough any day.

  4. Well, that would definitely explain why the crust and even the crumb tastes so oily. Thanks for the tidbit!

  5. There was a time when pizza hut's pan pizza was very good then they changed something and it took on that nasty oily quality you described but I agree their handtossed is heads and shoulders above even their old style pan pizza


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