Mar 10, 2010

The Asia Trip: NTU Foodcourt - Chicken Sandwich

While in Taiwan, I ended up eating at the National Taiwan University (NTU) Food Court.  While perusing the food court options, I walked into a bakery and saw these babies:
Chicken sandwiches!  A whole tray of them!  At 35 NT or about $1.10, the price puts it squarely in the value-priced chicken sandwich bracket.  So how does it compare?  It stands head and shoulders over the fast food value-priced entrants over here and it's easy to explain why...

First, these sandwiches are made in limited batches during meal times since its for NTU students mostly and everything is made fresh from scratch (including the roll).  Can you imagine if a McChicken was made in every  McDonald's from scratch instead of throwing a frozen patty into a deep fryer and then storing it in a food warmer?   Mmmmmmm...
In sum, soft, freshly-baked sesame bun sandwiching a freshly-fried, juicy, crunchy chicken breast, a bit of sweet mayo, and hand-leafed lettuce equals mighty yum!  It was so good, we actually came back for more on another day!


  1. Looks fantastic and delicious! Totally would have this instead of a McChicken :). The texture of the food already tells me this will be great.

  2. @EatTravelEat: It was fantastic, delicious, and filling to boot!


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