Mar 26, 2010

Review: Jack in the Box - Chicken Sandwich

Jack in the Box Chicken Sandwich
Jack in the Box's value menu Chicken Sandwich features a breaded chicken patty, lettuce and mayo onion sauce on a regular Jack in the Box bun for $1.

You remember how I said that value-priced chicken sandwiches didn't vary much from chain-to-chain?  Well, Jack in the Box's Chicken Sandwich is the exception to that rule and not in a good way.
If you've eaten a Tyson chicken patty at home before, you know exactly what Jack in the Box's Chicken Sandwich tastes like.  It reminds me exactly of the chicken sandwiches they served us back in elementary school in the cafeteria for lunch.  It is honestly that exact taste except the chicken patty here was crisp instead of soggy.  Still, it's a pretty low bar to be hitting.

So yeah, breaded Tyson-like (or maybe even just plain Tyson) chicken patty, wilted slice of lettuce (this time any way, it seems to vary from visit to visit), onion mayo (it tasted like any other mayo to me), and a generic bun.  Unless you relish the trip down memory lane, I'd go elsewhere for your value-menu chicken sandwich.  But if you are looking for that oh-so-familiar taste, Jack in the Box has you covered.

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  1. Your photo makes the sandwich look like the most unappetizing thing ever. I've never had the chicken sandwich from jack in the box. And now I don't want to. Thanks Q

  2. That's just how it looks, and it was the most unappetizing chicken sandwich ever so you're welcome!

  3. PeakperformaneautoSunday, January 22, 2012

    I agree that they aren't very good, however the ABSOLUTE WORST CHICKEN SANDWICH I've ever tasted was from Arctic Circle, their Yukon Gold fires are nasty too, thank goodness they have their patented fry sauce-it makes the fries edible.

  4. I think it is suspicious enough that their chicken patty is round, rather than the more "Natural" shape they have at wendy's etc. Judging by the fact that it is reminescent of Cafeteria chicken patties, don't be surprided if you see what kinda looks like a dried up bubble, or an occasional red thingy on the chicken meat. The patties at my old school cafeteria were filled with those and it was nasty!


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