Mar 17, 2010

The Asia Trip: KFC Taiwan - Twister

After checking out Taipei 101 while it was still the tallest building in the world, I decided to try KFC Taiwan to make up for missing out on KFC Japan.  You can see the poster above for some of the more interesting items on the menu.  Since those interesting items also happened to be seafood, I chose to go the value route...

I also wasn't super hungry so I pointed to the "Mexican Chicken Twister" which was an item off of their "Value Snack Bar" selling for 39NT or about $1.20 (There was also a "Italian Caesar Chicken Twister" as well as a "Mentaiko Squid Twister" which was a breaded squid ring Twister wrap).  I was a little bit disappointed when I saw what I got below:
Yes, I know... it looks exactly like a snack wrap version of the Crispy KFC Twister.  It tasted almost exactly the same except for one noticeable difference.
That difference which I found with all the fast food in Taiwan that I tried was that the chicken tasted fresher.  I don't know if they do something to the chicken, if they source it locally or what, but it tasted much fresher than here in the States.  Other than that it was bits of fresh lettuce here and there and the same pepper mayo sauce.  But because of the freshness, I enjoyed it more.

I was visiting the KFC Taiwan website to get the pricing info for this article when I came across this picture there and had to share:
It's Taiwanese Colonel Sanders!  Just in case, you ever wondered what the Colonel would look like as a short Asian man.


  1. All the meat here is produced through hormonal growth and not really any "free-ranch" style animals. So, unfortunately the meat doesn't taste as good in the states. I've heard from people that came from Asia complain plenty of times about the meat and vegetables here having bad taste!

  2. @Anon: Hm... really? I didn't think it was free-range, I just thought maybe it was sourced closer instead of being shipped frozen?

    Maybe I just got lucky but my cousin and I agreed it tasted fresher somehow.

  3. The Mentaiko Squid Twister sounds awesome!

  4. You're not going there to look at the food - just munch it and enjoy - the kfc menu looked like it was a little varied.. The pics are disturbing the Colonel Sanders Taiwanese style is priceless. Have to tell you when I travel and see a KFC or McDonalds I welcome the fact that I may have a hint of back home to stabilize my food intake from all the local fare.
    Good to hear the chicken was fresher.

  5. It's too hard to get food in north america, too much driving

    In asian countires, you can walk out on the street and find a store to buy food in, here you have to drive, look around, find a restaurant...

    Takes a lot of work, especially in suburban areas


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