Mar 31, 2010

News: Corner Bakery Offers Free Two Free Coffees via Facebook

Connect at the Corner PictureFrom March 29th to April 26, 2010, fast casual chain, Corner Bakery Cafe is offering two free cups of their hand-roasted coffee to Facebook Fans who use their "Connect at the Corner" app to schedule a meet up with a friend (or family, random stranger, frenemy, etc.) at Corner Bakery.

It's a promotion encouraging people to actually meet up in person rather than online, via texting, phone, etc. Having been to Corner Bakery, it's actually a pretty nice place to meet up, as least, at the location near me anyway.

And, if you find that you have nothing to say each other due to constant texting, at least you'll have coffee!

Details: "Using the new “Connect” tab on the Corner Bakery Cafe Facebook page, fans can set a date and time to catch up with a friend, create an event invite and print out a personalized offer good for two free cups of hand-roasted coffee, one each for the fan and Facebook friend of choice."

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