Aug 4, 2010

The Asia Trip: Kyoto Mochi Shop

A mochi shop in Kyoto, Japan
Quite the morning crowd, no? They're all waiting to buy different types of mochi, a Japanese dessert made with glutenous rice pounded into paste and formed into a shape, usually a ball with different sweet fillings, usually some type of bean, especially red bean.

The interior of the mochi shop
This was a mochi shop we came across while in Kyoto, a city which sports more older style (like different-era old) architecture than Tokyo which tends to have more modern Japanese houses and buildings. This particular shop had a lot of workers in the back busily making mochi.
Workers busy in the back making mochi
All these trays were filled with mochi. It has a nice, old school, non-industrial feel to it, no?
A worker grabbing fresh mochi from a tray
We tried one of these which, if I remember correctly, had whole red beans embedded in them. It was pretty good and not too sweet. All mochi kind of taste the same flavor- and texture-wise to me. Well, unless they are too dry, because then, they're just kinda gross because they start to harden.

There's are mochi shops here in the States as well, mostly in Japanese enclaves like Little Tokyo, but the business is nowhere near as brisk as this shop in Japan.


  1. Cool stuff, freshly made mochi!

  2. oooh i think those are mame-daifuku, i love those stuff!

  3. i love plain mochi at yogurt shops. i go for the mochi. i dont care for yogurt much.


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