Aug 15, 2010

Sunday Funny: Nando's - "I Eat the Chicken"

Another Nando's advert (that's what they call them in England no?) because, quite frankly, I don't live in South Africa so I've never seen these. See if you get the punchline. If not, check after the jump for an explanation (or just watch it again ;P).

So the guy is a blind boxer that eats Nando's peri peri chicken before his fights and it gets all over his gloves. This causes the other boxers eyes to burn when he hits them because ("as long as he eats the chicken, they don't see him coming"), I'm assuming peri peri chicken is spicy. So, basically, Nando's chicken helps him win his fights (it's where he "gets his power").


  1. I LOVE NANDOS!! Are there any near us?

  2. 'Fraid not. The only place that has them in the States currently is Maryland around the D.C area. Maybe you should plan a visit to the Capital soon!


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