Aug 24, 2010

Review: Subway - Turkey Jalapeno Melt

Subway Turkey Jalapeno Melt side view
I tried Subway's new Turkey Jalapeno Melt to see if it would "burn the wimp right outta [me]" like Subway suggests. The Turkey Jalapeno Melt is just a variant of the Turkey sub, except you don't have to mull about whether you want jalapenos on your sub. My "sandwich artist" still asked me what cheese I wanted and what sauce (The right answer to make a proper Turkey Jalapeno is the "shredded Monterey Cheddar blend" and the "chipotle southwest sauce.") The price for a footlong is an even $6 plus tax.

So how spicy was it? It's pretty spicy, but not unbearably so, it's not going to send you frantically searching for a milk carton, only to find it empty, like the commercials they used to run (Aaron Burr anyone?! Or rather "Ahron Ba"). It's not going to send you into a sweat either, but it's spicy. The heat comes from the jalapenos; I couldn't really make out the chipotle southwest sauce in the sandwich, except by sight (and my "sandwich artist" squeezed on quite a bit too!).
Subway Turkey Jalapeno Melt inside
I got my sub on the somewhat newish 9-grain wheat because Subway tells me it has omega-3 fatty acids and they are good for you. The 9-grain wheat tastes pretty much the same as their regular wheat bread, which is good since "good for you" is sometimes synonymous with "tastes like ass."

I would have liked a bit more cheese than sparse sprinkle that they gave me. I was looking for more gooey and less "where's the cheese?" I suppose springing extra for more cheese is always an option.

The veggies were fairly fresh and crisp, if a little bland, and the turkey was of a good amount. I remember back when I was in high school, where you would barely get any meat from Subway and it was sliced very thin, so it's a welcome sight. They also used to cut a wedge out of their bread, pulling out some of the crumb before building your sandwich.
Subway Turkey Jalapeno Melt cross section
Overall, it's a pretty good sub that, while "new" to the menu, has always been available, if you were so inclined. Of course, if you're more inclined towards a different meat other than turkey, jalapenos are always there for the asking.

Hm... I just realized that you can't see the jalapenos in any of the shots. They're the only veggies on top of the turkey, hiding and biding their time to spring on the unsuspecting.

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Nutritional Info - Footlong Turkey Jalapeno Melt on 9-Grain Wheat (524g)
Calories - 880 (from Fat - 320)
Fat - 36g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 2700mg
Carbs - 98g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - 44g


  1. I'm gonna try this bad boy out tomorrow I think...

  2. you gotta be kidding me ,, all they are doing is toasting the jalapenos and charging you more for it . what a ripoff

  3. 7 dollars before tax here in central Texas

  4. Actually, I believe the regular Turkey footlong is also $6, at least in my area.

  5. The sandwich was delish!!!!!! I got online to see if anyone had a review up, came across this one, and thank goodness! You are soooooo right. They still ask what kind of cheese, (which can be good, some might be allergic to the one you listed above) and everything else, you need to tell them to put on the sandwich. I almost forgot about the chipotle sauce, and i'm glad i didn't. It made the sandwich! Thanks for the review. Loved the sandwich just like you said. I got mine on white bread. :)

  6. Does anyone care that this is almost nothing like the sandwich in Subway's ads? The cheese is neither gooey nor overflowing. It's the same turkey subway w/ cheese & jalapenos that I always get, plus some decent chipotle sauce. Meh.


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