Aug 16, 2010

News: Who's on Top: Zagat's Fast Food Survey

Survey company Zagat revealed the results of its 2010 Fast-Food Survey, which covered 97 major fast food chains and 39 full service chains and polled 6,518 diners who ate at chain outlets (6.1 times at fast food chains) on average 10.7 times per month.

The survey results divided the chains into four categories: Large (up to 5,000 U.S. outlets), Mega (over 5,000), Full-Service (with table service), and Quick-Refreshment (focusing on beverages, ice cream and the like).

A couple notable winners in this year's survey include Five Guys Burger and Fries (look it rhymes!) for Best Burger (which is likely to be declared a travesty by In-N-Out Burger fans everywhere, including my brother and the Sister-in-Law who didn't care for Five Guys when they ate it without me), McDonald's for Best Fries (you know it!), and Dairy Queen for Best Milkshakes. With all the chains adding coffee to the menu, Starbucks still came out on top with Best Coffee.

The full survey results are available at

There are also an "Outtakes" section for the snarkiest survey comments which I've quoted below:

"Outtakes: Here are some of our most outrageous comments from surveyors this year:

-The BP of food.
-They fry harder.
-Loved it when I was in high school, but I was going through my stoner phase.
-I think this is where I developed a fear of clowns.
-Ordinary is still the unattainable goal here.
-Great cost-cutting strategy: use same material for pizza and boxes.
-Just because it's "all beef" doesn't mean it's any part of the cow you'd -consciously eat.
-Should serve intestinal medicine as an amuse-bouche.
-Voted "Most Popular" by the American Cardiology Association.
-If they could, they'd deep-fry the menus.
-57 flavors, all of which more or less taste like plastic.
-What part of the chicken was that exactly?
-If you have a taste bud, move on.
-Amazing how one can pile so many ingredients together and still come up flavor-free."

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