Aug 26, 2010

Review: McDonald's - McChicken

McChicken top view
McDonald's McChicken is a value menu chicken sandwich and features the standard battered, breaded and fried chicken patty with mayo and shredded lettuce on a bun. As with everything on McDonald's Dollar Menu, it is $1 (Bet you didn't see that coming).

McDonald's McChicken has gone through a few changes since it was first introduced in 1980. It used to be bigger and a premium sandwich along with the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder well before McDonald's ever thought of the ill-conceived Arch Deluxe and the better liked Angus Third Pounders. In some other countries, it's still offered in its original size and on a sesame seed bun.
McChicken inside view
But here in the States, it has undergone a couple of changes. It's smaller for one. It used to be a blend of dark meat and white mechanically separated chicken meat (basically Chicken McNugget meat) but now, like Chicken McNuggets, it's all white meat but still mechanically separated. Dark meat has more flavor and you exactly don't eat McChickens or McNuggets for your health but hey, white meat is healthier.
McChicken side view
What I like about the McChicken (beyond it being cheap) is that it has a slight black pepper kick to it. The chicken is usually crispy unless it's been sitting too long, and the bun is soft and squishy.
McChicken cross section
What I dislike about the McChicken is that they put too much damn mayo. And since McDonald's pretty much standardizes the amount of mayo dispensed on each McChicken via a specialized dispenser, it is certainly by design. My guess is they use the same dispenser for their larger sandwiches as well as the smaller McChicken. I've tried getting it without mayo but that doesn't taste right either. I should just get it without and put some mayo on at home.

Overall, I like the McChicken a little better than most other value chicken sandwiches, mostly for the peppery, usually crispy breading. I really wish they'd put less mayo though.

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Nutritional Info - McChicken sandwich
Calories - 360 (from Fat - 150)
Fat - 16g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 830 mg
Carbs - 40g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 14g


  1. Lately, at a few different McDonalds in Iowa and one in Minnesota, we have noticed they are using so much pepper the chicken is barely edible. Has anyone else noticed this in your areas over the past couple of months? I figure they want to do away with the $1 chicken and will replace it with a less spicy but more pricey sandwich before long...:(

  2. I actually love the mayo...the more the better. But the best place to get mayo is Jack in the Box. I always order the Ultimate Cheeseburger with tons of just has a nice taste to it. But this McChicken sandwich, isn't that the same as the Spicy Chicken sandwich? Maybe I'm calling it wrong...but that "peppery" taste sounds like it would be spicy?...Sorry if I am wrong.

  3. There's a variant of the McChicken called the Hot and Spicy McChicken or something like that? Maybe that's what you have in LV? The Hot and Spicy was a little bit more spicy than the McChicken as I remember. It has a more lasting heat.

  4. Yeah, here in SC I've never even heard of the Spicy Chicken at McDonalds. Only at BK

  5. I alwaysget their sandwiches without mayo and ask for a mayo packet on the side. Most McD's have light mayo in packets to even reduce the calories even more.

  6. I actually like it with the big glob of mayo. That's the thing I like most other than the price. To each his own...

  7. But... but... there's more mayo than lettuce...

  8. Ah, nice. I'll remember to ask for that next time.

  9. Haha, same thing at Burger King. I like my Whopper Jr. to have more mayo than any of the other sandwiches I get. Speaking of Whopper Jr., my local BK just recently (as in a week ago maybe) upped the price to like 1.29 for that and the spicy chicken. Both used to be $1. Now only the Buck Double is $1.

  10. so ask for a plastic knife and scrape some of it off?

  11. You must really love your mayo. Hopefully, the $1.29 price isn't a national thing, not that I eat a lot of Whopper Juniors or anything.

  12. Yeah that is what it is...the hot & spicy....

  13. They put way too much mayo, that's the only thing I don't like. Aside from that the price is good, chicken tastes good and overall very edible. I love getting 2 mcchicken and medium fries for only 4 bucks. 

  14. Yeah sometimes I get it with no mayo. I think you can ask for a mayo packet.

  15. Too damn peppery! I wasn't aware of that before I bought it and I did not appreciate it! I liked the amount of mayo.

  16. It's not bad for 1 dollar, but, my problem isn't the mayo (bring it on!) it's the pepper, way too much pepper.


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