Aug 24, 2010

News: Pizza Hut - New Big Italy Pizza has Arrived

Pizza Hut has made big over-sized pizzas in the past (remember the Big Foot anyone?) and now they're doing it again with the new Big Italy Pizza which, as far as I can tell, is so named because it's big and, you know, pizza is Italian in origin. I think they should have just taken a page from Jack in the Box and just called it the "Really Big Pizza."

Retailing for $12, the Big Italy Pizza features almost 2 feet of pizza in roughly-shaped like a pill with rounded edges. The pizza is cut into 18 slices and can be had, at the price, with up to three toppings.

Update: The Big Italy Pizza reviewed.


  1. Haha, I think it's more of a convenience and price proposition for most people.

    Tastier pizza costs more and Pizza Hut is everywhere plus they deliver. For example, my favorite pizzeria is a city over and, while I don't mind paying a bit more, it's not as easy on the wallet. It's the same with a lot of fast food and really, part of its very nature.

  2. Too bad the crust, sauce, and cheese are as mediocre as you would expect from a pizza consumerchain :(

  3. RainstormtorrentiaSunday, January 22, 2012

    This pizza is horrible, even for pizza hut. It's paper thin and has large crusty edges that are hard and inedible. I could only eat about half of the edge pieces.. the only good pieces were on the inside, which there werent many. Also, it came in a paper bag and arrived cold.... better to have a full box

  4. Hmm, seems you three have already tried it and weren't happy. Too bad, I wanted the triumphant return of the BigFoot from my childhood. And Rainstorm, are you serious that it comes in a paper bag!? Hell, back in 1991 they got their own specialty heating bags to keep them warm!


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