Aug 31, 2010

Review: Jack in the Box - Grilled Breakfast Sandwich

Jack in the Box Grilled Breakfast Sandwich
Jack in the Box's Grilled Breakfast Sandwich retails for $2.99 and features a smorgasbord of breakfast items (two eggs, two slices of ham, two strips of bacon, and two slices of American cheese) sandwiched between two slices of grilled artisan bread.

The Grilled Breakfast Sandwich is pretty tasty, if a tad on the salty side. I do like how Jack in the Box fries their eggs, somewhere between sunny side up and scrambled with some nice crispness to the edges while remaining fluffy within. The bread has a nice buttery flavor on the grill side, but is still too thin to balance out the saltiness of the meat ingredients and the cheese.

The cheese is melted quite nicely, like a proper grilled cheese sandwich. The bacon is thin and typical of fast food chain bacon.
Jack in the Box Grilled Breakfast Sandwich cross section
I would like it better if it either had no ham or a low sodium ham, because the ham they use is fairly salty. Oh or maybe a real piece of grilled ham! That would be really drool worthy.

Still, I like the Grilled Breakfast Sandwich better than the Deli Trio or the Turkey, Bacon, & Cheddar, and breakfast is always served at Jack in the Box.

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Nutritional Info - Grilled Breakfast Sandwich
Calories - 599 (250 from Fat)
Fat - 28g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 1772mg
Carbs - 54g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 34g


  1. jacqueline funchessSunday, January 22, 2012

    is the artisan bread sour dough

  2. There was always something that turned me off from fast food breakfast. I can kinda see what the appeal is. It is fast and yes it is easy but there are places out there that just make the most amazing breakfast sandwiches. At least this Jack In The Box one is grilled so it's appearance isn't as sad as a McDonalds or let's say a Dunkin Donut's breakfast sandwich. Here's an example of what I think a breakfast sandwich should look like: - It's the third picture down and yes I have ate at this diner. The only problem is that the picture doesn't really show how big this thing actually is. Sure Jack In The Box might be cheaper but I'll choose quality and quantity over cheap and flimsy any day.

  3. The deli sandwiches they had were very salty. But I can do this one. I just get it cheese less with an extra sausage.


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