Mar 6, 2011

News: Ben & Jerry's - Free Cone Day Set for April 12, 2011

Mark your calendars, it's that time of the year again... Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's!

When: April 12, 2011, 12 to 8pm

Where: At participating locations. You can check at their store locator which locations are participating:

Why: Because it's free! And you can stand in line as many times as you like so you can theoretically try all their flavors... then again you could try all their flavors by asking for a free sample spoon of each. Or combine them all together to make a Frankenstein's ice cream monster.

You wait may vary depending on your location. I've seen plenty of pictures of some really long lines for this event. People really like their free Ben & Jerry's. But then again, they do plan pretty well with extra employees to keep the line moving.

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