Mar 28, 2011

News: Quiznos - New Chicken Bacon Dipper

Quiznos gets a bit gimmicky with their newest limited-time menu offering, the Chicken Bacon Dipper which features a sub made with toasted Chipotle Jack bread, slices of hot chicken, bacon, and a mild chipotle mayo. For the "dipper" portion, the sub is served with a side of cheese sauce seasoned with tomatoes, diced green chiles and traditional Mexican spices.

Retail price on a small sub is $5.19.

To entice you to try this new sandwich, Quiznos has an online coupon good for any small sub for $2.99 (expires 4/04/2011).

Nutritional info not yet available.


  1. Wow I would eat the hell out of that after a long night of being under the influence.

  2. I tried it and it's good. I had a coupon for a small one for $2.99. It's not spicy. Regular prices are insane at Quiznos, that's why I don't go there often.

  3. I gave Quiznos multiple opportunities to win me over but for multiple reasons I ceased entering their firm's outlets.

    I have noticed various subtle and not-so-subtle clues/cues that the firm may be in "trouble."

    The sort of trouble that can result in a corporate decline that erodes the brand until it is merely a mere memory in the masses' minds.

    Then again... perhaps not.

    On the whole... I just find the subjective taste of Quiznos' sandwiches as sub-par.


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