Mar 2, 2011

Review: Kyochon - Potato Wedges

In addition to specializing in Korean-style fried chicken, Kyochon also carries a small sampling of side dishes including Potato Wedges that can be taxed on to a 5-piece order with a drink for an extra $2.

Like the chicken, the potato wedges seem to be fried up to order resulting in a nicely crisp crust without being too oily. As with thick-cut potatoes, the inside was soft and tender without being dry.
Kyochon uses what they describes as a "special herb and spice blend" that doesn't differ too much from the norm and imparted a nice, nuance flavor to the potatoes. I especially liked that salt was used sparingly so that I could enjoy both the seasoning and the potato. Top notch potato wedges for sure.

I actually enjoyed these Potato Wedges more than their chicken which was good as well.

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