Mar 1, 2011

Review: KFC - Famous Mashed Potato Bowl

If I remember correctly, KFC's Famous Bowls have been "famous" since they first came out i.e they're famous because KFC says they are. They actually come in three varieties (Chicken & Biscuit, Rice, and Mashed Potatoes) with varying degrees of availability depending on your market. I live in California and my local KFCs do not serve seasoned rice or country gravy which left me with a Famous Mashed Potato Bowl.

The price on a Famous Bowl and a medium drink was $5.59 but a coupon netted me the whole shebang for an even four bucks.

The Famous Mashed Potato Bowl is supposed to come with a bed of mashed potatoes layered with sweet corn and Popcorn Chicken and then topped with KFC's gravy and a 3-cheese blend. I say "supposed to" because, maybe due the inexperience of the food assembler, my bowl ended up coming with a thin layer of mash on the very bottom and consisted mostly of the biggest pieces of Popcorn Chicken I have ever received at KFC; some were actually quite only a little smaller than a Chicken McNugget if rounder.
The Popcorn Chicken was almost as big as a regular spoon; it's usually half that size if that.
The Famous Bowl is pretty much all the most popular tastes of KFC thrown together in a bowl.
I dug a small hole on the left side with nary a mashed potatoes sighting...
While I felt I was getting a lot of value with so much Popcorn Chicken (the bowl is a pretty good size itself), I didn't order Popcorn Chicken and was expecting a Famous Bowl. It honestly felt like I was just eating chicken topped with bits of corn, cheese, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

The chicken was retained a fair bit of crunch despite the gravy but was on the salty side and I felt I really could have used some potatoes to balance out the saltiness. I did enjoy the sweet kernels of corn but I didn't order a corn bowl either.
Until I tried the other side and finally found a little bit of mashed potatoes!
I'm just going to have to file this one as an incomplete because I don't think this is how a Famous Bowl is supposed to be. I mean, if something is called a "mashed potato bowl" shouldn't that be the most abundant or at least the second most abundant ingredient? I really had to dig to get to the pitiful amount of mashed potatoes at the bottom!

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Nutritional Info - KFC Famous Mashed Potato Bowl (525g)
Calories - 680 (from Fat - 280)
Fat - 31g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 2130mg
Carbs - 74g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 26g


  1. Haha, they probably used leftover un-BBQ-sauced shredded chicken for your bowl. But yeah, I'll have to try this one again at a later date and update this then.

  2. Hi! I am sorry that you got jipped on the mashed potatos but hey I too live in California (Sacramento area) and these have been my faves since they came out. Tonight, I went to get one and the popcorn chicken ..... was shredded chicken and gravy, that I ssssswear tasted to me like I'd imagine canned dog food would taste!!!! I called the manager and she told me that corporate took the popcorn chicken away and off the bowls - Nationally about 6 months ago!!

    That's pretty crazy since your review on this was about 3 weeks ago, also their KFC menu online shows the bowl made with popcorn chicken. I think I smell a rat lol. But anyway, yeah... Uuuusually, this bowl is pretty epic...providing you actually get some mashed potatos and the Right chicken!!!

  3. This concoction is crying aloud to be labeled the "Super Bowl."
    For additional thrills observing the legal fight between the NFL and Kentucky Fried will add additional thrills.



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