Mar 3, 2011

Review: Arby's - Angus Three Cheese & Bacon Sandwich

Arby's new Angus Three Cheese & Bacon Sandwich features thinly-sliced Black Angus beef with melted Cheddar and Swiss cheese, peppered bacon, and a Parmesan peppercorn Ranch sauce on a toasted Amoroso roll for $4.99.

A lot of "premium" offerings at fast food restaurants don't live up to the billing and feel like merely bigger versions of their cheaper counterparts but the Angus Three Cheese & Bacon Sandwich really does feel like a premium sandwich.
Mine's was toasted to burntness but I really did not mind as the roll's crust was so thin that the burnt bits just added a slight char flavor. The Amoroso roll felt like real bread; it was crusty, it had uneven air pockets, a slight chew... it had character.

The Angus beef is a big upgrade from Arby's standard roast beef which I find to be a lot like the thin-sliced packaged deli meat you buy from the supermarket. The Angus beef had flavor and texture, though, unsurprisingly, it was a bit salty and a little dry in some bites. Combined with the bacon and cheese, the Angus Three Cheese & Bacon exudes a fair bit of saltiness but there was enough seasoning, variety, and flavor that I still enjoyed it.

I thought the bacon could have been crisper but there was a good amount and that nice bacon smokiness. The bacon and the Parmesan sauce combined to impart a slight peppery flavor that I enjoyed very much.
Because of the toasting, the two cheese, and cheese sauce were nicely melted into oozy, cheesy goodness. I couldn't say I got a good taste of Cheddar sharpness or Parmesan flavor, but there was plenty of melted cheese for every bite.

In sum, Arby's Angus Three Cheese & Bacon Sandwich sports cheesy, meaty goodness with just enough bun to keep your hands (relatively) clean and plenty of flavor to keep you interested (A "buy one, get one" coupon netted me two of these babies; the second of which I am currently enjoying for lunch).

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Nutritional Info - Arby's Angus Three Cheese & Bacon (267g)
Calories - 660 (from Fat - 300)
Fat - 33g (Saturated Fat - 13g)
Sodium - 1810mg
Carbs - 46g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 47g


  1. Haha, I just read your review and put a comment saying how I agreed and then saw that you posted this comment.

    Yeah, my local Arby's usually does quite a bit of toasting, a bit overzealous this time round (I think it was because there were only two employees and it was late) but like I said I really didn't mind it.

  2. Looks like we agreed, although yours was obviously much more toasty than mine!

  3. Did you get paid from Arbys for this review? This should not be called a sandwich but an appetizer. The sandwich had like 2 oz of meat on it and didn't even come close to what the picture looked like. I would rather pay the same price and go to Quiznos for the foot long where the meat and cheese is not processed as well..

  4. I would try a different Arby's... the one got had more meat than bun. I think one of the most frustrating thing about fast food restaurants is that they're supposed to provide a uniform and consistent experience but that's often not the case and sometime your experience at the same location can still vary wildly.

  5. Yeah yours was a bit burnt, I thought the taste is great butI take the dressing on the side, Mine was not over filled or under. I would not expect more from a fast food place. They had a two coupons running, one with free small curly fries and a drink and I felt satisfied with the over all meal so it could not have been as skimy as the guy below stated,.

    The other coupon was for a $1 off that expired 3/11. So I tried this for 3 days. the girl asked "You really like these, huh?" I told her that I thought the meat tasted real and the bacon was good.

    She said "Yes this is real beef. The other stuff is a processed thing.."
    With the $coupons it was well worth it.

  6. Not even close! Sandwich is tiny like smaller than French dip with less meat than jr roast beef. Tasted fine but for $5 I would expect much more, meat was not noticeably different than regular "processed" roast beef. Terrible value, I'm not a big appetite but this was not even an appetizer! Arby's, I love ya but this is a joke!

  7. I get mine un toasted, add meat and extra ranch, DELICIOUS!


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