Apr 27, 2013

News: Frito Lay - New Lay's Wavy Garlic & Sea Salt Potato Chips

Frito Lay's latest flavor of Lay's Wavy potato chips is new Garlic & Sea Salt. Apparently, the average adult in the U.S. eats about 2.3 pounds of garlic a year (according to the USDA) and Frito Lay wants in.

The new flavor joins a Lay's Wavy line up that includes: Lightly Salted, Ranch, Original, and Hickory BBQ.

The introduction of the Garlic & Sea Salt also marks a redesign of Lay's Wavy chip packaging.

You can find the new flavor nationwide and can use Frito Lay's snack locator to help you find it nearby.


  1. My husband and I bought these yesterday. They were gone by last night. Going to get more today. They're that good.

  2. Greasy, over salted Way too much garlic. Actually burns from garlic. Never again. Glad only snack size bag. Not even good to crush for casserole topping.


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