Apr 22, 2013

Custom Order: Wendy's - Hot Chili Seasoning with Fries

Wendy's Hot Chili Seasoning is a non-commonly-known sauce they offer to add a bit of heat and depth to their chili. Since chili goes well over a baked potato, I decided to try Hot Chili Seasoning over Wendy's French fries (I know my logic is astounding).

The sauce is free, you just have to know to ask for it.

The Hot Chili Seasoning has a pretty interesting flavor; it's like they managed to distill the essence of a bowl of chili into a watery-looking translucent orange sauce. It's unlike any sauce I've tried. Oddly enough, even though chili is plenty salty, the seasoning also brings a fair amount of salt to the table.

Beyond the saltiness and chili essence, it's slightly sweet and tangy and packs a serious amount of heat. I've actually never tried it with the chili, but it works great on fries. With the saltiness, you might want to get unsalted fries though. The chili essence goes really well with the potato flavor and spiciness plus hints of sweetness and tanginess keep it interesting.

Even if it sounds a little weird, I recommend trying this at Wendy's on your fries. If not, you can always experiment with it as a flavor enhancer on their burgers or something... especially if you're fiending for a spicy kick.

Nutritional Info - Wendy's Hot Chili Seasoning packet
Calories - 5 (from Fat - 0)
Fat - 0g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 270mg
Carbs - 1g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 0g


  1. do they look at you weird when you ask for the seasoning or do they expect it

  2. Astounding logic indeed. :)

    I will have to try this; I am in favor of anything that makes my food hotter/spicier.

  3. Neither I think. They're pretty nonchalant about it and just toss me a packet.

  4. I've been doing this for years. It is delicious

  5. I've done this, suggestion - try it on the burgers & spicy chicken sandwich.

  6. Back when Wendy's offered ketchup in a pump with the little paper cups, my dad taught me to spike one of my little cups of ketchup with the chili sauce. I still eat Wendy's fries that way.

  7. This is exactly what I've been doing for years. They really should sell this seasoning by the bottle.


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