Apr 21, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Taiwan Offers Rice McWraps

McDonald's adds a bit of local flavor with new Rice McWraps in Taiwan.

The flour-tortilla wraps feature a filling of special rice from Tainan (a city in southern Taiwan famous for its rice), beef or chicken, veggies, and sauce.

The rice is of the glutinous kind to bring an al dente-like chew. It's mixed with sesame oil and mushrooms for added flavor.

The beef version features an Australian ground beef patty, the seasoned rice, local greens, sliced beefsteak tomatoes, and barbecue sauce.

The chicken version comes with a crispy fried chicken patty, local greens, sliced cucumbers, and a sweet and hot sauce.

Both are offered for $99 NT (~$3.32 US) and clock in at 460 calories and 470 calories respectively.

You can check out the commercial for the new Rice McWraps  below:

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