Apr 18, 2013

Around the World: Starbucks Japan Offers Tiramisu Frappuccinos

The latest seasonal drink to come out of Starbucks Japan is the new Tiramisu Frappuccino. The limited-time drink is available in coffee and white versions.

Both versions are topped with a layer of crumbled crunchy black cocoa biscuits and white chocolate brownie as well as cream cheese mousse rather than whipped cream.

The white version features a white caramel creme base and caramel sauce drizzled over the mousse, while the coffee version features the standard coffee Frappuccino with cocoa powder drizzled over the mousse.

During development of the drinks, both mascarpone cheese and spongy lady fingers were tested, but discarded for various reasons (the mascarpone flavor didn't go well with the Frappuccino and the lady fingers soaked up the drink).

The drinks are served with a wide straw to better deal with the crumbles brownies and biscuits and are available through June 4, 2013. Also available is a Chocolate Brownie Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino blended and topped with crumbled chocolate brownie pieces.

Prices start from 590 yen (~$5.96 US) for a Tall-sized drink.


  1. How come all these other countries get to have the fun drinks, while those of us in the U.S. get variations of the same old flavors over and over again?

  2. I agree with this. I would go to starbucks more and try these flavors out in a heartbeat if they would only bring them over!

  3. Isn't Starbucks supposed to be able to make you any drink however you like? I wonder if I can custom order this one here in the US!

  4. They can, but only using the ingredients on hand and they don't have the ingredients for these here in the US.

  5. In other page I got it is till 4 of July... is it ok or yours?... want to try it and I have a trip in june to Japan.

  6. I'm pretty sure it's June 4 because on June 5, they're launching a Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino.


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