Apr 5, 2013

Get the Ben & Jerry's Flavor You Want

A problem that comes up for some Ben & Jerry's fans is when their local supermarket or grocer stops stocking their favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor or they just can't locate that new Limited-Batch flavor.

Since getting it shipped from elsewhere tends to be prohibitively expensive, most are just left to do without. But there is something you can try to get that Ben & Jerry's flavor you're fiending for...

It turns out that Ben & Jerry flavors ship out in shrink-wrapped packs of 8 pints, which is to say your local pharmacy, supermarket, convenience store, etc. orders individual flavors in packs of 8.

What you can do is to simply ask your neighborhood retail store to order the flavor you want (your best bet is a convenience store or mom and pop). Even if you just buy one pint, they're only left with 7 pints to sell. If you really want the flavor, just say you'll buy all 8 pints. Easy for them, easy for you.

If that doesn't work out, you can always try the flavor locator on the Ben & Jerry's website. Do keep in mind that all limited batch flavors have identical SKUs so are they're harder to track.


  1. I wish I could find Coconut Seven Layer Bar ):

  2. I think that one is only in Scoop Shops.


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