Apr 6, 2013

News: Nabisco - New Brown Rice Triscuit Crackers

Nabisco switches it up with a new line of Brown Rice Triscuits that, in addition to being made with a blend of whole grain brown rice and wheat, offer varieties that weave in pieces of sweet potato or red beans.

The new Brown Rice Triscuits are purported to be lighter in texture with a crispier crunch compared to the original. They come in five flavors:

- Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Tomato & Sweet Basil
- Brown Rice Triscuit seasoned with Sea Salt & Black Pepper
- Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Red Bean and seasoned with Roasted Red Pepper
- Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Red Bean and seasoned with Savory Red Bean
- Brown Rice Triscuit baked with Sweet Potato and seasoned with Roasted Sweet Onion

The new crackers feature 21g of whole grain per 29g serving and carry a suggested retail price of $3.69.


  1. I am disappointed that these new triscuits have far less fiber yet more calories than the regular variety. On the plus side, I tried the Tomato and Sweet Basil variety and thought they tasted great. Very crispy. Great flavor. I think most people view triscuits as a healthy alternative to chips, so I am a bit surprised by the nutritional changes.

  2. I'm disappointed that you care that much about the nutritional aspects of a snack food like this... I mean I get your point, but are these new crackers really that bad or unusual?

  3. I don't think these are replacement for the original ones, but more of an expansion of available choices.

  4. Have tried two boxes of Brown Rice Triscuit Tomato & Sweet Basil .... more than half of the boxes were almost crumbs.

  5. the sweet onion ones are deeeeelicious!!!

  6. Who cares if if cost more ! You get what you pay for its good

  7. Brown Rice Triscuit with Red Bean: good taste but way TOO salty.

  8. Was shopping for party crackers and saw the new Brown Rice Tomato & Sweet Basil Triscuits. I tried one before putting them out for guests. It was WAY too salty. Could never have served them to guests, in fact I discarded the whole box. Far too much salt and seasonings!!!


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