Apr 5, 2013

News: KFC to Offer New Boneless Original Recipe Chicken

In a move that might change KFC's core product, KFC plans to introduce new Original Recipe Boneless Chicken on April 14. For a chain that already offers strips and bites, and once offered Boneless Filets, you might ask what's the big deal?

Apparently, the new chicken will be available in dark meat and white meat pieces that will be bereft of bones and skin, but still be breaded and fried in Original Recipe fashion.

As to why you would buy Original Recipe Boneless over strips, the new chicken looks to offer a better meat to breading ratio and is available in dark meat in addition to white meat. The new chicken will cost slightly more than bone-in chicken and like the rest of KFC's menu are actual cuts of chicken.

Starting April 14, the new chicken will be offered in a two-piece Boneless Combo for $4.99. The combo includes a piece of dark meat boneless chicken, a piece of white meat boneless chicken, an individual side item, a biscuit, and a medium drink.

KFC will also offer a 10-piece mixed bucket, which includes four pieces of Boneless (two white and two dark) and six pieces of bone-in chicken for $14.99.

KFC is going with a bit of a weird tagline to promote the new chicken: "I ate the bones!" The concept is that people will be so engrossed in eating the chicken that they'll think and exclaim afterwards that they ate the bones, not realizing the chicken was boneless. They're hoping the tagline will go viral. Let's just hope the chicken is good.


  1. That slogan is really unsettling to me... Especially as I have found small bones in their strips a few times.

  2. Whenever they just say white meat and dark meat pieces, I just assume it's going to be the lesser of each type. I don't know why they can't just tell you which type it is, or just let you choose which one of each type you want (I'd probably go with a breast and leg myself).

  3. I would get it would have to be breast and thigh meat since they make for good sized pieces, but they don't really mention.


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