Apr 20, 2013

Around the World: Pizza Hut UK Adds Sicilian Pan Option

Pizza Hut UK adds a bit more flavor to your standard pizza crust with the limited-time offer of a "Sicilian Pizza Base" crust option.

The crust features Pizza Hut's standard pan pizza dough with garlic and herbs mixed in. The name's a bit odd to me as, here in the US, a "Sicilian pizza" tends to refer to a thick-crust pizza.

While rolling up cheese, or even hot dogs, into the crust edge has long been Pizza Hut's forte, they haven't really branched out into adding stuff or seasoning into the crust itself. It looks like that's changing with this new crust option. Who knows, maybe we'll see it here in the US.

By the way, the Cheesy Bites Pizza is a permanent menu option along with the Stuffed Crust, hand-tossed, and pan options at Pizza Hut locations in the UK.

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