Apr 25, 2013

Review: Taco Bell - New A.M. Breakfast Grillers

The latest additions to Taco Bell's First Meal breakfast menu are new A.M. Breakfast Grillers. They're quesadilla-ish and feature a small, grilled flour tortilla (taco-sized) folded flat over a mix of shredded cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, and either sausage or bits of bacon.

They're offered at 99 cents a piece and I tried one of each.

The Bacon A.M. Breakfast Griller was filled with a good amount of semi-crispy bacon bits that delivered on a nice smoky flavor. Because it's not quite a quesadilla, there's just enough cheese so you can taste it. But, it doesn't hold the tortilla together as well and makes it easy to lose a few bacon bits as you bite into it.

The sausage come in little balls similar to what you might find on some frozen pizzas, but tasted pretty good and had a slightly herby flavor. Taco Bell uses Johnsonville sausages, which is pretty tasty. I liked the bacon better, but I liked bacon better in general. Both breakfast meats are pretty solid here.

In both, the egg was nice and fluffy with a slightly aerated texture and the cheese was completely melted.

I'm a big fan of grilling/pressing anything with a flour tortilla on the Taco Bell menu. It gives a blend of crispy and soft that I dig and there was a really nice sear on these. The grilled flour tortilla combined with your typical breakfast staples gives Taco Bell a nice value play for breakfast in new A.M. Breakfast Grillers and I enjoyed them very much.

Full nutritional info not available online, but the Bacon version comes in at 250 calories, and the Sausage version is almost the same at 260 calories.


  1. I wish they'd roll out "First Meal" nationwide! I have yet to come across it.

  2. Watch they increase the price like they did with there loaded grillers.

  3. Wow, that looks like a lot more sausage than I'd ever expect in a Taco Bell product.


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