Apr 7, 2013

News: Frito-Lay - New Tapatio Cheetos and Lay's Tapatio Limon

Frito-Lay offers two new Tapatio brand hot sauce-flavored snacks with Lay's Tapatio Limon potato chips and Tapatio Cheetos.

The flavors join an existing Tapatio-flavored line up that includes Tapatio Limon Ruffles potato chips and Tapatio Doritos tortilla chips and are currently available in the western and central regions of the US.

Tapatio Limon Lay's potato chips are available in 2.875 oz bags for $1.49, 7 oz bags for $2.99, and 9.5 oz bags for $4.29.

Tapatio Cheetos are available in 1.125 oz bags for $0.50, 3.75 oz bags for $1.49 and 9.5 oz bags for $3.49.


  1. Is it just regular Tapatio for the Cheetos or is it also the limon?


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