Oct 1, 2014

Around the World: Lotteria Japan Tries New Burger with Strawberry Sauce

Lotteria Japan recently introduced a new fancy (and expensive) burger made with Wagyu beef topped with a creamy strawberry sauce. They call it the "Tochigi Wagyu Steak Burger with Tochiotome Strawberry Sauce."

According to RocketNews24, Tochigi is a prefecture in Japan. The beef in the burger comes from Tochigi and Tochiotome is a famous brand of strawberries grown in Tochigi.

The burger features an extra-thick Wagyu hamburger steak, a demi-glace sauce made with red wine, bouillon, and apples, and a bechamel sauce sweetened slightly with strawberry jam.

The burger is being sold in a combo with a choice of either a salad, medium fries, or medium drink for 1300 yen (~$11.95 US).

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