Nov 1, 2014

McDonald's Mighty Angus with Jalapenos Arrives in Canada

While they might not offer the Angus Third Pounders here in the U.S. anymore, McDonald's still offers them in Canada, where they've taken to calling them the Mighty Angus line.

The latest addition to the line is the new Mighty Angus with Jalapenos, which pretty much a premium version of the Jalapeno Double.

Besides the Angus beef patty and sesame seed bun, the new burger comes with hickory-smoked bacon, creamy barbecue sauce, jalapeno slices, jalapeno crisps, and a slice of "Monterey Jack" (it looks like Pepper Jack to me; maybe Canadians use a different name?).

The Mighty Angus with Jalapenos is available at participating McDonald's locations in Canada for a limited time only.

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