Feb 21, 2016

2016 Lent Fish and Seafood Round Up

It's the 2016 Lenten season and here's some of the fish and seafood items and specials you can expect to find at some of the biggest fast food chains:

Arby's - Fish Sandwiches (the Original and King's Hawaiian Deluxe) are back through at least April; new Crispy Fish Flatbread (details)

Bojangles' - New BojAngler fish sandwich (details)

Boston Market - The Baked Cod meal for $7.99 is back and only available on Fridays. The meal includes two sides and cornbread.

Burger King - They've replace the BK Fish sandwich with the new Extra Long Fish Sandwich this year. It includes a fried, panko-breaded patty of White Alaskan Pollock, iceberg lettuce, sweet tartar sauce, and pickles, on a toasted hoagie bun and is included in their two for $5 mix-n-match deal.

Captain D's - $4.99 Full Meal Deals through March 27, 2016. A choice of new Home-Style Flounder, Fish, or Butterfly Shrimp meals. Each also comes with  two sides and hush puppies.

Carl's Jr. / Hardee's - Red Hook Beer Battered Cod Fish sandwich is back.

Checkers / Rally's - 2 for $2 Crispy Chicken and Crispy Fish sandwich mix-n-match deal

Chick-fil-A - Cod Sandwich offered at select locations (it's an optional menu item that the individual franchisees can elect to serve). The sandwich is available individually for around $3 and in a combo for around $6. You can also get just the fish as part of a plate meal for around $7.

Church's Chicken - New Lemon Seasoned Shrimp and Crispy Fish (details)

Culver's - Northwoods Walleye for the season plus Butterfly Shrimp and North Atlantic Cod sandwich and plate dinner on the regular menu.

Del Taco - New Beer Battered Shrimp (details)

El Pollo Loco - New Chili Lime Shrimp dishes (details)

Jack in the Box - The Fish Sandwich is back.

Long John Silver's - $5.99 Cod Meal - 2 pieces of wild-caught, hand-battered, premium Alaskan Cod, fries, and two hushpuppies.

McDonald's - The Filet-O-Fish is two for $5 at some locations. Other locations have $1.79 Filet-O-Fish Fridays.

Panda Express - They have Honey Walnut Shrimp on the regular menu.

Popeyes - The Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box for $4.99 is back. They've also brought back the the Seafood Mardi Gras menu, which includes Popcorn Shrimp, Fish & Popcorn Shrimp, and Cajun Fish platters.

Quiznos - They've brought back the Lobster & Seafood Salad (also available as a sub).

Steak 'n Shake - They're again serving a limited-time Fish Sandwich & Fries as well as a Fish Plate.

Subway - They have tuna on the regular menu.

Wendy's - The North Pacific Cod sandwich is back.

White Castle - New Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers. They've also brought back original Shrimp Nibblers and are also offering Clam Strips, Fish Nibblers, and Fish Sliders.

Wienerschnitzel - Fish and Chips is back.

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