Feb 26, 2016

Review: McDonald's - Maple Bacon Dijon Burger

McDonald's Maple Bacon Dijon Burger is one of four "Taste Crafted" burger options they're offering here in Southern California.

I picked one up for $4.99.

The Maple Bacon Dijon option includes maple bacon, grilled onions, Dijon sauce, white cheddar, and lettuce. You also get to choose either a Quarter Pounder patty, Artisan Grilled Chicken, or Buttermilk Crispy Chicken as well as either a sesame seed, potato, or artisan bun. I went with the beef patty and potato bun.

They kept it fairly simple with this burger andit worked out really well. I hadn't had a Quarter Pounder patty since McDonald's made it slightly bigger and made some tweaks as to how they grilled them but it's definitely worked out for the better here. The patty had a nice crust, a good coarsely ground texture, and was almost juicy.

The maple bacon was lightly touched with a syrup-y sweetness. It sported some crispy edges here and there to go with an enjoyable smoky flavor. The tangy Dijon sauce goes well with the sweet and smoky notes.

The onions added an extra sweetness and a slight watery crispness, while the lettuce was pretty fresh. The cheese was your basic super mild and creamy stuff but was nicely melted.

The potato bun is my favorite of the three bun choices. It hit a good balance between soft and resilient paired with a slightly rustic feel. In comparison, the sesame seed is a little too standard for the premium pricing and the artisan bun is a little too dense and has lacked a freshness the times I've tried it.

Overall, McDonald's Maple Bacon Dijon Burger made for a quality and novel bacon cheeseburger with just the right balance between its savory and sweet components.

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