Feb 6, 2016

Mountain Dew's New Super Bowl 50 Ad is a Little Bizarre

Mountain Dew is shelling out big bucks this year to air a TV ad to run during Super Bowl 50 and it's a bit strange. It's entitled "Puppymonkeybaby" and they mean that quite literally.

The ad is meant to push Mountain Dew Kickstart as a fusion of three "awesome things" -- Mountain Dew, fruit juice, and caffeine. Along those lines, they present another fusion of three awesome things -- a puppy, a monkey, and a baby. This being the age of the Internet, the ad is, of course, available on YouTube now before it'll air on the Super Bowl:

As you can see a puppymonkeybaby, and one that dances no less, is a little bizarre and perhaps even scary to some (especially if you watch it with the sound off and play some suspenseful music instead). I have to say, I'm not finding the puppy-monkey-baby combo so awesome. While it might not be as eye-catching, maybe they should have went with a puppy, a monkey, and a baby for the ad. I guess the ad, and Mountain Dew Kickstart by association, might stick in your head but maybe not in a good way. Then again, others might find the concept to be funny.

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