Feb 17, 2016

McDonald's Japan's New Yet Unnamed Burger is Like a Big Mac with Mashed Potatoes

McDonald's Japan's latest is a Big Mac-style burger with mashed potatoes and bacon in place of one of the beef patties. Interestingly, they're calling on fans to name the burger.

The rather meat-sparse burger includes mashed potatoes and strips of bacon between the top ("crown") and middle bun and a beef patty, grilled onion sauce, and cheddar cheese between the middle and bottom ("heel") buns.

The price on the "Name Wanted" burger is 390 yen (~$3.42 US) and the winning name is set to be announced on February 22, 2016. There's a cash prize of about $12,500 in it for the winner, which was calculated as the price of the burger every day for 10 years.

Photo via McDonald's Japan.

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