Feb 16, 2016

Pastrami is Back at Wienerschnitzel Plus New S'mores Shake

Wienerschnitzel brings back pastrami for a limited time starting this month.

The smoked meat finds itself on the menu in three forms:

- Pastrami Sandwich - 5 ounces of pastrami, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles on rye bread.

- All Beef Pastrami Dog - An Angus beef hot dog topped with pastrami, Swiss cheese, mustard, and a pickle spear on a steamed hot dog bun.

- Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries - An order of fries topped with the chain's signature chili, shredded cheddar cheese, pickles, pastrami, and mustard.

On the sweeter side of things, Wienerschnitzel rolls out two new seasonal handcrafted drinks: Cream Soda and S'mores Shake.

Finally, for the Lenten season, the hot dog chain has also brought back Fish 'n Chips.

Photos via Wienerschnitzel.

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