Feb 9, 2016

Domino's China's New Pizza is Topped with Fish-Shaped Fish Sticks

Domino's new Fish Deluxe pizza over in China comes topped/decorated with fish-shaped fish sticks just in time for Chinese New Year.

The pizza features a festive circle of fish-shaped breaded and golden-fried fish sticks that covers much of the pizza surface. They look a bit like fish surfacing when you throw some food into a well-stocked pond (there's also a trio of pepperoni in the middle that might be said food). Also on the pizza are green bell peppers, corn, French lardons, pepperoni, and cherry tomatoes.

Fish are considered lucky for Chinese New Year as their scales are thought to resemble money.

There's also a Shrimp & Crab Deluxe pizza being offered as a seasonal pizza. It's ringed with breaded, claw-shaped crab nuggets and shrimp.

I'm actually a little surprised that none of the big pizza chains have tried something like this with breaded chicken over here to appeal to kids.

Photos via Domino's China.

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