Aug 16, 2016

Domino's Now Offers Salads Nationwide

Looking to those who want salad rather than pizza (or salad with their pizza), Domino's now offers salads on the menu nationwide including a new Chicken Apple Pecan salad.

Besides Chicken Apple Pecan, Classic Garden and Chicken Caesar salads are also available. The salads are prepackaged and sourced from Ready Pac Foods.

The Chicken Apple Pecan salad features roasted white meat chicken, diced red and green apples, dried cranberries, praline pecans, and cheddar cheese on a bed of leafy spring mix.

The Chicken Caesar includes roasted white meat chicken, Parmesan cheese, and brioche garlic croutons on romaine and iceberg lettuce.

The Garden Salad consists of grape tomatoes, red onion, carrots, red cabbage, cheddar cheese, and brioche garlic croutons on a bed of romaine and iceberg lettuce.

Domino's salads are available for $5.99 under their mix-and-match promotion where if you buy two or more items from a selection, they cost $5.99 each. They are otherwise $6.99 (may vary).

Photo via Domino's.

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