Aug 10, 2016

Jack in the Box Testing New Breakfast Bacon Chipotle Melt

Jack in the Box is testing a new option for the morning crowd (or the breakfast-for-lunch/dinner crowd) with the Breakfast Bacon Chipotle Melt.

Spotted in Sacramento, CA and sampled by one of your fellow BrandEaters (who was kind enough to include pictures and his thoughts), the test item is essentially a bacon breakfast sandwich with the addition of creamy chipotle sauce (chipotle sauce is something they've offered before). Specifically, it includes bacon, chipotle sauce, a slice each of American and Swiss-style cheese, and eggs between two slices of toasted sourdough.

Here's what he had to say about Jack's Breakfast Bacon Chipotle Melt:

"Saw this at my local JitB in Sacramento, CA so I thought I'd take it for a spin. Anyone familiar with the flavor profile of Jack's menu will find no surprises here. The (not very) sourdough provides a nice soft, crunchiness (wait...what?), and is immediately followed up, and mellowed by, the dual layers of cheese which impart a nice creaminess. There was just enough bacon present to furnish the requisite layer of breakfast-sandwich-meatiness, while Jack's chipotle sauce added a nice savory, smok-...wait for it...-iness.

While nothing here was new, I felt that it all worked very well together (especially the bacon and chipotle). I give it the best review I can give a fast food sandwich: 'Yeah, I'd buy it again.'"

Photos by Anonymous.

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