Aug 13, 2016

Endless Apps with Endless Choice Deal is Back at TGI Fridays for Less

TGI Fridays has brought back their Endless Apps with Endless Choice promotion for a limited time this summer.

After you pay a fixed price, they'll keep bringing you appetizers of your choice (from a limited selection) for as long as you can fill your pie hole.

Previously, the Endless Apps with Endless Choice was $12 per person (without the Endless Choice, i.e. if you stuck to just one appetizer type, it was $10). This time around, they've lowered the price to $10 at participating locations, so you can keep picking different appetizers for your refills for the same price as sticking with unlimited refills of the same appetizer.

The appetizer selection includes:

- Any flavors of Boneless Wings
- Pan-seared Potstickers
- Crispy Green Bean Fries
- Mozzarella Sticks
- Loaded Potato Skins
- BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Photo via TGI Fridays.

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