Aug 12, 2016

Frozen Friday: Devour - Chicken and Waffles

Devour's Chicken and Waffles frozen entree features white meat chicken patty strips and Belgian waffle sticks with a side of syrup for dipping.

A 9.25-oz box was $3.49 on sale.

The inside of the top and bottom of the box are covered in crisping material to create some browning in the waffles and chicken. You'll want to single-layer all the pieces for the best results.

The chicken had a nice savory depth to it as well as a small spicy kick. It was tender and juicy but the breading didn't turn out all that crispy. I'm afraid the crisping material didn't accomplish much. There was a bit of crispiness here and there but the breading was still mostly soft and moist at some parts. If you picked it up by an end and shook it up and down, it flaps around like a flag in the wind. On the crispy front, it may have turned out just a smidge better than your run-of-the-mill frozen chicken nugget out of the microwave.

The waffles achieved a greater degree of crispiness and was good for a hollow crunch. It still wasn't as good as a toaster waffle though. Compared to an Eggo waffle there's more of a core to it. Inside, there's an eggy choux pastry-like airiness like you might find in a cream puff but it was also a little dry, like a day-old pastry.

The syrup is the same pancake syrup you might buy in a squirt container at the supermarket. There's foil to it so you can't warm it in the microwave. If you like your syrup warm, you'd have to pour it into a microwavable bowl or such.

Overall, Devour's Chicken and Waffles was just okay and not any better than other frozen options for the slightly higher price and positioning. You could buy a bag of frozen chicken nuggets and box of frozen waffles and get better results.

Nutritional Info - Devour Chicken and Waffles (262g)
Calories - 620 (from Fat - 190)
Fat - 21g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 1150mg
Carbs - 83g (Sugar - 36g)
Protein - 24g

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