Aug 26, 2016

Frozen Friday: Devour - Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Devour's Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese features pasta shells and chunks of breaded white meat chicken in Buffalo cheddar cheese sauce topped with blue cheese.

A 12-oz box cost me $3.49.

You can probably tell from the pictures but the cheese sauce and blue cheese turned out rather clumpy with a not-so-great grainy texture rather than the smooth, luscious sauce you want for mac and cheese.

While the consistency was off-putting, the taste was actually pretty good. There was the requisite Buffalo tanginess with a decent amount of heat and a definite cheddar and blue cheese flavor throughout. It's definitely a cheese-forward-type of sauce.

The pasta hit that nice middle between too firm and too mushy. It was tender but coherent.

The chicken was tender with whole-cuts rather than ground meat but the breading seemed a waste given the soggy conditions and saucy environment. Usually you want some type of crunch for your mac and cheese, but breading almost never turns out well in the microwave. Also, part of the breading came out chewy.

Overall, Devour's Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese was good in flavor but bad in texture. A smoother cheesy sauce and bit of crispiness would go a long way here.

Nutritional Info - Devour Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese (340g)
Calories - 460 (from Fat - 270)
Fat - 30g (Saturated Fat - 11g)
Sodium - 1770mg
Carbs - 24g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 24g

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