Aug 25, 2016

Sonic Launches New Sonic Blast Flavor Funnels

Sonic offers up new Sonic Blast Flavor Funnels with a center of various fillings running down the middle of their signature Sonic Blast frozen desserts.

Available for a limited time at participating locations, there are five featured Flavor Funnels in all:

- Snickers Bar Sonic Blast with Caramel Flavor Funnel
- M&M's Sonic Blast with Chocolate Flavor Funnel
- Oreo Sonic Blast with Oreo Stuffing Flavor Funnel (they're calling it "stuffing" but it appears to be vanilla creme filling)
- Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sonic Blast with Peanut Butter Flavor Funnel
- Butterfinger Sonic Blast with Caramel Flavor Funnel

You can also mix and match the various Blasts with different centers.

If the idea seems familiar, Ben & Jerry's offers a similar concept as Core ice creams and, more recently, Dairy Queen added Royal Blizzards.

Photo via Sonic.

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