Aug 22, 2016

Taco Bell Testing Under $1 Menu with Several New Items

While Taco Bell currently offers a dollar menu, it looks like they're exploring the "under $1" territory with a test of the new Crave More Menu.

Testing in Omaha, NE, the menu includes only items that cost 99 cents or less (before tax). There are three tiers to the value menu: at 79, 89, and 99 cents (which harks back to their Why Pay More? value menu days).

In addition to the new tiers, there are also several new items including: the Queso Bean Burrito, Flamin' Hot Fritos Taco, Veggie Tostada, Queso and Chips, and Queso Beef Burrito.

For 79 cents, the menu offers Cinnamon Twists and the Cheesy Roll-Up (both of which are currently $1 each on the existing value menu).

At 89 cents, you'll find the Queso Bean Burrito (Taco Bell was testing Queso dip earlier this year), Flamin' Hot Fritos Taco (it's been in test since at least last year), and Veggie Tostada (which appears to be their Spicy Tostada without the heat).

Finally, at the 99-cent tier, there's Queso and Chips, the Queso Beef Burrito, Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla, and Beefy Fritos Burrito.

Overall, the menu looks to offer a bit more savings and a bit of a refresh to the current iteration of the value menu.

Images via Taco Bell.

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