Apr 24, 2017

Carl's Jr. Debuts Fried Mushroom Topped Burger in Japan

To celebrate their third location opening over in Japan this Friday, April 28, 2017, Carl's Jr. will be introducing the new Super Mushroom Thickburger and Hand-Breaded Mushrooms for a limited time in the country.

Available starting April 28 through the end of July, the Super Mushroom Thickburger features battered and deep-fried white mushrooms as well as a portabello mushroom sauce, while the Hand-Breaded Mushrooms nets you an order of the same mushrooms that top the burger minus the rest of the burger.

The price on the new burger starts at 1190 yen (~$10.75 US) for a 1/3 lb patty, while the Hand-Breaded Mushrooms go for $480 yen (~$4.34 US) per order.

Photo via Carl's. Jr.

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