Apr 27, 2017

Review: KFC - Zinger Chicken Sandwich

KFC's Zinger Chicken Sandwich features features a chicken breast filet double hand-breaded and deep-fried daily at each KFC location. It's served with lettuce and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun.

I picked one up for $5 as part of a Fill Up Box that also includes a side, drink, and chocolate chip cookie (It was hard to pass up the combo considering that just the sandwich alone is $3.99).

Despite being a new sandwich, there isn't much of a sense of newness to the Zinger given the familiar combination of a breaded chicken filet, lettuce, and mayo but that's not to say there weren't some pleasant surprises.

In width, the Zinger is only slightly larger (or the same) as the diameter of a junior sandwich or hamburger. However, the chicken breast filet was very thick and remarkably juicy (although it doesn't appear so in the pictures I took). There was a bit on one side where it tapered off to a thin tail though but the middle bites were super meaty. The breading on it was light, crispy, and flaky.

Flavor-wise, the filet offered a zesty and zippy combination tinged with a bit of heat. The spiciness matches what you'd find in a McChicken or KFC's own Hot Wings, which is to say it's rather mild.

The lettuce appears to be a blend of iceberg and romaine, which was good enough for an occasional light crispness. The mayo was used in moderation, which I much prefer over gobs of it trying to escape my sandwich.

The bun was super soft and squishy without much resiliency. It reminded me a lot of sliced white bread and it pretty much molds itself to the chicken and your fingers when you pick it up. It felt a bit more basic compared to the recent trend of more brioche-like buns but I'm completely fine with that.

Overall, the KFC Zinger was pretty good and fills a gap in the KFC menu. It's been some time since I remember them offering a spicy sandwich of any kind even if it's just mildly so. I especially l enjoyed the girth and flavor of the chicken filet.

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