Apr 26, 2017

Hostess Unveils New Chocolate Twinkies

As part of the brand's efforts to offer new flavors, Hostess introduces new Chocolate Cake Twinkies.

The new snack cake replaces the signature golden sponge cake of the Twinkie with chocolate cake to do with the standard creme filling.

According the the brand's research, the new Twinkies scored high in "concept tests" as well as blind tastes tests.

In addition to the new Chocolate Cake Twinkies, Hostess re-branded Chocodiles as "Fudge Covered Twinkies." In addition to the name change, they've tweaked the recipe a bit with: a larger size, higher creme-to-cake-ratio, a more intense, "better-tasting" fudge coating, and slightly modified (more rounded) shape.

Both snack cakes can be found now at retailers nationwide in single-serve twin packs and and multi-count boxes. The suggested price for the twin packs is $1.89, while the multipacks go for $3.99 (The Fudge Covered Twinkies come nine in a box while the Chocolate Cake Twinkies box includes 10 cakes.

Photo via Hostess.

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