Apr 1, 2017

Evol Unveils New Shawarma Style Chicken and Three More New Frozen Entrees

Evol Foods adds four new international varieties to their single-serve line of frozen meals, including new Shawarma Style Chicken.

Here's what you can expect from each of the four new meals:

- Hawaiian Style Grilled Chicken - Pineapple teriyaki sauce and grilled chicken with pieces of pineapple, red bell peppers, edamame, and water chestnuts on a bed of white rice (320 Calories).

- Ginger Soy Udon Noodles -  Udon noodles with carrots, edamame, red bell peppers, and snap peas in a savory sesame ginger sauce (310 Calories).

- Korean BBQ Style Chicken - Korean BBQ-inspired sauce on top of grilled chicken with broccoli, snap peas, bell peppers, and carrots on brown rice (300 Calories).

- Shawarma Style Chicken - Grilled chicken, green and red bell peppers, and red onionsin a tangy yellow turmeric sauce on a bed of couscous (300 Calories)

All four entrees will be available in the frozen foods section at retailers nationwide in May 2017 for a suggested retail price of $3.99 each.

Photo via Evol Foods.

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