Apr 15, 2017

Pizza Hut Bakes Up Pizza Dough-Wrapped "Hut Burgers" in Cyprus

Pizza Hut is baking hamburger patties wrapped in pizza dough and calling them "Hut Burgers" over in the island country of Cyprus.

Hut Burgers cost 3.50 euro (~$3.71) each and come in three varieties:

- The Texas BBQ Hut Burger comes filled with a beef patty, spicy BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese, and fresh tomatoes.

- The Philadelphia Hut Burger is less named for the city and more named after the brand of cream cheese (in some countries, including Cyprus, they call it "Philadelphia" or "Philadelphia cheese" rather than "cream cheese"). It features a filling of a beef patty, cream cheese, bacon, cheddar cheese, and fresh tomatoes.

- The Hut Classic Hut Burger includes a beef patty, marinara sauce, cheddar cheese, and fresh tomatoes inside.

Given that they're wrapped in pizza dough and baked, they look just like a plain roll of bread on the outside:

This isn't the first time Pizza Hut has played with the pizza + burger idea. They've offered a cheeseburger-crust burger in several countries, including our neighbors up north.

Photos via Pizza Hut Cyprus.

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