Apr 10, 2017

Carl's Jr. Tests Korean BBQ Burger

Carl's Jr. has put out a number of meat-on-meat burgers in the past and it looks like they're working on another one with a test of the new Korean BBQ Burger.

The Korean BBQ Burger features Korean-style BBQ beef and "Asian" coleslaw. The burger was spotted by one of your fellow BrandEaters, Kevin, in Southern California at two locations: one in Garden Grove and another in Santa Ana.

He tried one of the burgers for himself and had this to say:

"The BBQ beef is the star of the burger really. The sauce is like a sweet and spicy type and it greatly overpowers the cheese and coleslaw. The cheese was unnoticeable. I don't even know if it was supposed to be pepper jack or something else. When tasted by itself, the coleslaw was fairly standard though perhaps less sweet than what you would expect from other fast food places such as KFC. Overall, it wasn't bad though I think I would like a sandwich with just the BBQ beef and perhaps a lot more slaw."

By the looks of it, the Korean-style BBQ beef seems to be braised and shredded like pulled pork rather than sliced or cut like you'd normally find at a Korean BBQ joint. The Asian slaw is curious too as there doesn't appear to be anything that makes it "Asian."

Other meat-on-meat burgers Carl's Jr. has tested in the past include the French Dip Thickburger as well as a meatball burger.

Photos by Kevin.

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