Jun 26, 2019

Arby's Responds to Plant-Based Meat Substitutes with the Marrot, a Meat-Based "Carrot"

Stating that, "If they can make meat from veggies (and other stuff), we can make veggies from meat," Arby's comes up with the Marrot, a meat-based "carrot" that they're calling the "first-ever megetable."

The Marrot is actually whole turkey breast cut and shaped somewhat like a carrot and cooked slowly sous vide, then rolled with dried carrot juice powder and a brulee with maple syrup powder. Finally, it was roasted in the oven and they stuck a sprig of parsley in the thicker end to complete the carrot look.

You can see how it all came together below:

Unfortunately, we might never get the chance to taste the Marrot, as the chain is only in the early stages of exploring "Megetables."

Photo via Arby's.

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