Jun 16, 2019

Domino's Japan Offers New "New Yorker" Pizza with Over 2 lbs of Cheese

Calling it the "New Yorker 1 kg Ultra Cheese" Pizza, Domino's Japan offers up a new, 16-inch pizza with about 2.2 pounds of melted mozzarella cheese on top.

The very limited-time pizza comes about to highlight the launch of the new New Yorker line, which features approximately 16-inch New York-style pizzas with double the cheese, in Japan.

The New Yorker 1 kg Ultra Cheese Pizza is available through June 23, 2019 for 3300 yen (~$30.38 US) carryout (delivery costs about $7 more). If you're curious as to how much all that extra cheese is costing. The Big Cheese New Yorker (a regular New Yorker cheese pizza) has a carryout price tag of 2500 yen (~$23.01 US).

This isn't the first time that the chain has offered such a cheese-laden pizza. Last year, they put out a pizza with four times the regular amount of cheese that basically looked like a plate of melted cheese (but the new pizza has even more than that, albeit on a larger crust).

Photos via Domino's Japan.

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